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Creating Mobile Apps

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1. Provide More Value To Customers
2. Build A Stronger Brand
3. Build Deeper Connections

Pilates Teachers

Personal Trainers

Music Teachers

Pottery Classes

Tattoo Art Class

Specialty Musicians

Motivational Speakers

Business Coaches

Marketing Coaches

Transformation Coaches

Are People Ignoring Your Courses & Content?

It's Time To...


With A Mobile App


Devoted Retention

Among Your Users

We Provide A Platform That Will Allow You To Focus On What You Are Best At

All The While Delivering Incredible Reach, Open Rates, Repeat Business & Devotion From Your Customers

Direct Live Streaming

✅Create Anticipation & Scarcity With One-off Live Stream Events.

Build STRONG Communities

✅Apps Have Extremely High Reach & Engagement, Which Makes You The Leader Of A STRONG Community

Time Release Content

✅Drip Feed Content To Keep Customers Engaged & Excited.

The Power Of “Push”

✅Reach & Engage Your Customers IMMEDIATELY Wherever They Are With 80% Open Rates.

Create Automated Challenges

Group Based Challenges

✅Foster Community & Interaction By Setting Automated Challenges


Increase Retention

✅Get Customers Involved and They Will Stay With You For Longer!

You Created Content And Success Is Close...But Something Is MISSING!

Your Mobile App Is The Missing Piece!

Build The Know, Like & Trust Factor

✅Imagine Sitting In Your Customers Pocket All Day. They Can Reach You And You Can Reach Them Anytime. Now That Sounds Like A Good Way To Build A Personal Connection!

People WANT To Be On Their Phones

✅Let’s Not Fight The Customers! They Are On Their Phones & Tablets, So That Is Where You Need To Be.

Unbeatable Sales Conversions

✅Create One Click “In-App-Purchases”. When It’s So Effortless To Be, Customers Will Buy More. 

Increase Retention

✅Apps Are Perfect For Building A Community Around You. When People Feel That They Are A Part Of A Community They Will Keep Paying For A Long Period Of Time.

Strong Recurral Income Is Crucial To Success

Be Omnipresent

Interact With Your Community On Any Device.

Nurture & Retain High Ticket Customers

✅Pushifii Has All Of The Tools To Allow You To Retain Clients And Maximize Profitability


Run App Download Campaigns For Much Cheaper Leads

Create App Sales Funnels For Higher Return On Ad Spend

Add Upsells & Downsells For Proven Higher Return Per Lead

Tap Into Millions Of Potential Customers In The App Stores

Click To Add Any Functions That Your People Need

Get Awesome Training Included

✅Learn How To Maximize Your Profitably By Pitching High Ticket Offers The Right Way

✅Learn The Filthy Funnel Formula

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